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Here is a page that tells you all about me. The manager of all these idols. This is here to let you get to know me, and let you learn a little something about who created this awesome company~ If that doesn't interest you, you may always move on to a different page within the site.

>> Manager: Kittie

You can call me anything Rainbow, Shota, Captain. My real name though is Kittie. Yes, that is what my parents named me. Though I go by Kii for short. I'm male. Biologically so even. My name is feminine, I may act feminine, but that doesn't make me any less male. A lot of people mistake me for female, and I don't mind so much I suppose. I'm 24 as of last month. I'm dyslexic, I have social anxiety, and I'm agoraphobic. So I can be a bit awkward when socializing, but I'm an overly sweet person. Promise~

I'm into video games, mostly RPG's like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. I like Assassins Creed too, and the spyro games. I'm a pixel artist, and a pony artist, though I am self proclaimed in those things. I don't think I'm that great at it. I like all kinds of music, not just Jpop, though to be honest most of the music I fall in love with were performed on Glee first. I like anime as well, which what got me into art and writing. Anyway, now you know a little about me~ ♥

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Skype: shotapenis
Yahoo: datariku
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